Where is the Lord?

When we are faithful, when we are most faithful to God…that is when we come around to seeing that God is the one who is faithful. We gain new insight, we grow in the Spirit, and we are able to say when we look out from ourselves, “There, there and there…there is the Lord!” And God continues to invite us in further – always further.

Refined to be Reconciled

This week is the week that grows ever-darker as we approach Good Friday. And, we find that today is just a little darker than yesterday. Jesus is being treated like the chaff of the world by his accusers. What they will soon learn, and what reminded of on this Tuesday in Holy Week is this. That which dies is brought back to life to bear more fruit.

Will you continue to follow in Jesus footsteps to the cross? You and I, after all, we are the fruit of the one who will die. What might die in us in order to bear more fruit for God?

water and life and home

…water is 4.6 billion years old. It is older than the sun. It is older than the formation of the earth. And, I could not be if it weren’t for this element of nature. Even more marvelous is that my body is 60% water. 60% of me is also 4.6 billion years old..