Unfolding toward God’s restoration

The word apocalypse literally means “an uncovering” or “a revealing”. It doesn’t sound like an ending at all, does it? Rather, Jesus explains that there will be those who speak in his name falsely, they will claim to be the Christ, there will be wars and the threat of wars, nations and kingdoms will rise up against one another, there will be earthquakes and famines…just for starters! These things are not so much deaths but birth pangs. And, birth pangs always precede the birth of something new. What will be new is the fulfillment of God’s mission – the restoration of all things to God’s self.

We are Christ’s body

The recurring themes in scripture the we hear today more closely draw our attention to something that is so important that it continues to require our attention. And, when we pay attention we learn and grow; we are changed. It’s like picking up on a conversation from where it left off the last time you shared a cup of tea with a close friend. At the end of your time together, you know one another differently. You leave each conversation different from when the conversation began.