music. art. spirit. life. The arts and prayer are part of everyday life, whether visual, musical or theological. Though they are not as much the source from which life comes as the means that relates all of life to the Eternal Source. This is a process of ever deepening relationship. All of life is an opportunity to co-create with God, the one Source of all that is and all that will be. For me, living as a follower of Jesus in the Anglican tradition is grounding for all of life.

water and life and home

…water is 4.6 billion years old. It is older than the sun. It is older than the formation of the earth. And, I could not be if it weren’t for this element of nature. Even more marvelous is that my body is 60% water. 60% of me is also 4.6 billion years old..

“Lord, send us anywhere. Only go before us.”

“So, you live in Maine…how did you end up at the Atlantic School of Theology?” or “Why the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island?” 
These are among my most asked questions as I go about my life as a student at AST and as a postulant for ordination in our diocese. “Because of God!” I gleefully exclaim. Then, when after skipping a beat I get that certain look from the questioner, I know to go on with a twinkle in my eye. “It all began when I was a child…”

…we live within a greater narrative that finds its source and its destination in God

The Feast of All Saints bearing witness that without creation and without the stories of all that have come and gone before, and without our own stories, God’s narrative is incomplete. All Saints reminds us that we, along with all of the saints that have come before us and those who will follow after us, live within a greater narrative that finds its source and its destination in God.