music. art. spirit. life. The arts and prayer are part of everyday life, whether visual, musical or theological. Though they are not as much the source from which life comes as the means that relates all of life to the Eternal Source. This is a process of ever deepening relationship. All of life is an opportunity to co-create with God, the one Source of all that is and all that will be. For me, living as a follower of Jesus in the Anglican tradition is grounding for all of life.


Jesus comes to us.

He is alive.  

Because they believe, they see. Because we believe, we see.

Believing — even if with a small bit of faith — “Well. I think it might be Jesus. I’ll take a closer look. I’ll trace his scarred hands with my fingers…his feet…” Just like in the example of Jesus’s followers in Luke’s Gospel — It’s our believing that will lead us to our seeing.