music. art. spirit. life. The arts and prayer are part of everyday life, whether visual, musical or theological. Though they are not as much the source from which life comes as the means that relates all of life to the Eternal Source. This is a process of ever deepening relationship. All of life is an opportunity to co-create with God, the one Source of all that is and all that will be. For me, living as a follower of Jesus in the Anglican tradition is grounding for all of life.


The Feast of All Saints gives an opportunity for each of us to personally review how we are living our lives and to make corrections to our “Rule of Life” as necessary. This is what we are called to do. It is what we promise to do in response to the grace God gives to each of us through our baptism. Our faith is what carries us through this life, and it is what will carry us into God’s presence when we die.

Simplicity. Humility. Grace. Mercy.

Sometimes we might feel like we’re not good enough to approach God in conversation; sometimes we might feel like what we have to say to God doesn’t matter, doesn’t God know it all anyway? Often times we feel the pressures of the day and simply don’t feel like we have time for daily prayer. Those are valid concerns. And, sometime someone will say, “Well, we’ll just leave that up to the prayer warriors…and, well, that’s just not my gift.” But, it is everyone’s gift. That’s the gift of our relationship with God…it’s for everyone, not just a few certain choice people. That’s what the Pharisees thought, too. But, as we hear, it is not true.

Faithful covenant.

God is a faithful God and restoration is God’s business. Notice that it is God that does the work of reaching out to the people, working in our hearts and in our lives in order to establish a lasting covenant between God and God’s people. This new law will not be like the previous ones. It will be a new covenant that will bring about a new way of life.

Harvest Thanksgiving

Today is a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Eucharist means thanksgiving. The thanksgiving that we celebrate around this altar is the celebration that makes all of our thanksgivings worthwhile.

I wonder, what would it be like if we would live more like those in the crowd.  They were beginning to see that while God provides for us our daily needs, he is also concerned with our spiritual well-being. In other words, God is concerned with our whole being.

Spiritual beings

It is just like God’s angel-messengers who, though they are not necessarily seen, their message is delivered all the same.

Love is like this, too. We cannot see the love, so much as we feel it. This is what it means to live by faith. We trust that there is more to life than what we see with our eyes.

This is also like what we profess in the words of the Nicene Creed. God is the Master Creator of “all that is seen and unseen.”

As much as this Feast Day of St. Michael and All Angels is about the Archangel Michael and all of God’s messengers. It is also a day when we celebrate God’s ordering of all of creation, of “all that is seen and unseen.”