“Thy Church, Household Invoked” a poem

“Thy Church, household invoked”

“Thy Church, household invoked”

in the midst of the social and economic order of every time

because God has personality – both present and transcendent

a revelation

love and power revealed in time and space

“Thy Church, household invoked”

in Christ through his followers – theirs is experience

his presence in community

written and lived scripture in hearts

scripture, tradition, reason – still

“Thy Church, household invoked”

beyond logic

more unified than imagined

at-oned because of triumphant sacrifice

counter to the world – forming and reforming even now

“Thy Church, household invoked”

unity by diversity – all at one by the Holy Spirit

in Christ’s Body

is a summary

via media

“Thy Church, household invoked”

home with God and others

one – now and forever

variable and diverse

changing – shifting in order to remain always and somewhere

“Thy Church, household invoked”

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