Douglas Beck loves fierce landscapes. His home is in Maine. He studies theology in Nova Scotia. These pages bring his life of play, work and thought in the arts and theology together with thoughtful, spirited hope for all in the process of becoming.


The goal for music making is the gift that music brings into each life. The physical, mental and spiritual benefits of making music reach far deeper than any performance goal. Performance is but one result.

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Whatever good, inspiring idea you have… follow it to where it takes you. Don’t dismiss it…pray it, dream it, live it, share it, play it, write it, draw it, sing it. Make it real. Don’t be afraid. Enjoy the life of the  Spirit within you. There you will find that you are free to learn and to co-create. When you do, you may find that you are well on your way to living a fulfilling life of discovery and inspiration. 

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[abstract from a recent entry] Taking time to breathe deeply may give us a new perspective.  The experience of even just a few moments in quiet and beauty may take us to a place where we come face to face with deepest truths; the place where knowing and unknowing meet.

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Every life has a story to tell. We are all descendants of storytellers; all part of the narrative of humanity. Be truthful. Live authentically. The stories that we tell become us. When we refrain from filling in the spaces of the stories of others, we free those lives to speak so that they, too, may discover their deepest truths. Be encouraged to listen attentively to the stories of others. Tell your story so that others may grow, learn and be inspired to “tell their stories forward.”

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