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Love wins.

Without a shepherd, the sheep are lost. Without Jesus, we are lost.

When we respond to God’s finding us, we discover that there are thin places where heaven and earth come together. In their coming together,  the places where we know ourselves to be found by God, we experience God’s kingdom and share it with the world.

Where is the Lord?

When we are faithful, when we are most faithful to God…that is when we come around to seeing that God is the one who is faithful. We gain new insight, we grow in the Spirit, and we are able to say when we look out from ourselves, “There, there and there…there is the Lord!” And God continues to invite us in further – always further.

God has made us for God’s self

I remember a time in my life when I felt like I was off of the map. My thinking had become muddled. I didn’t believe myself worthy to be considered loved by God. Many in the Church said so. I, too, live to tell you that when God acts in Christ, and we bear his image by virtue of our turning, and by our feeding on God’s Word and Sacrament – I learned that all who come to God, including someone like me – well, God gives to all who turn to God. And, restless hearts find rest in God.