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for the least of these…

How do we make it through life? I hear this question frequently when I meet with someone or a family in crisis.

People of deep faith will shape this question differently…they ask, how do people without faith get through challenges like you-name-it? I can’t imagine how I would get through this diagnosis, these treatments, my recent job loss, the death of my spouse, the house fire, the accident, the divorce…I can’t imagine getting through life without my faith in God.

Are we there, yet?

Isaiah, the Psalmist, Paul, Mary, Joseph, Matthew…they all point to the fact that the tiresome old ways are over. Yet, I wonder, do we live as if they are truly over? Are you ready to move on from the old ways, as Isaiah, says, to claim what is born to ordinary people like you and me…because…God still enters into humanity. God is still with us. God still offers new paths that bring surprising ways forward. God continues to fulfill his promises.

The call from the wilderness. (Re)align.

Making an adjustment is one of the primary themes of the Gospels. God calls us through the wilderness of our lives to align our lives according to the Gospels. Matthew’s Gospel is concerned with righteousness and obedience – this requires a realignment of our lives – to God’s will. Matthew is a bridge builder between the Old and New Testaments. Because of this, it is the Gospel most frequently used by the early church. Matthew is quick to point out the tension between Jewish piety and corrupt religious leaders. Consider, for example, Jesus’ faithfulness that conflicts with the establishment. Jesus comes as the righteous, obedient one. Jesus comes as the adjusted one.