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This week is the week that grows ever-darker as we approach Good Friday. And, we find that today is just a little darker than yesterday. Jesus is being treated like the chaff of the world by his accusers. What they will soon learn, and what reminded of on this Tuesday in Holy Week is this. That which dies is brought back to life to bear more fruit.

Will you continue to follow in Jesus footsteps to the cross? You and I, after all, we are the fruit of the one who will die. What might die in us in order to bear more fruit for God?

Remain With Him

Today we stand beside Jesus at the parade with his followers. How many of us will stay, remaining beside him this week in prayer and praise? How many of us will be there with him as he shares his presence with us at the table of the first Lord’s Supper on Thursday? Will we stand with him as the disciples whom he loves; standing beside his mother Mary, and the others at the foot of the cross on Friday, watching the Lord that we love with our whole heart, soul and mind suffer the horrific agony of his crucifixion?